The SCOE Instructional Media Center is dedicated to providing relevant state of the art technology and resources to meet the needs of our school community. We provide access to current educational materials in all formats to contracting districts; as well as offering the highest levels of service in the form of, but not limited to, collection development, inservices as needed/requested, information access and delivery, and leadership and consulting assistance.
 Click here to access EBSCO
Click here to access EBSCO. 
EBSCO Training for Elementary/Middle Schools in Siskiyou County  
Play recording (1 hr., 2 min. 49 sec.)
EBSCO Training for Middle/High Schools in Siskiyou County
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If you need technical assistance, please contact EBSCO Technical Support at 800-758-5995 or
Cindy Brown
FAX:  530-842-8436