• Aquarium Incubator Project

    The Aquarium Incubator Project has been a successful program in Siskiyou County for over fifteen years. Students raise Chinook salmon in the fall, and rainbow trout in the spring. They receive eyed eggs and observe daily changes until the fry are ready to be released into an appropriate river or stream. The release sites are designated and closely monitored by the Yreka Branch of the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG). The  Aquarium Incubator Project is a major component of the core science curriculum for most of the participating classes. Raising fish is something the whole class looks forward to and the experience makes a powerful impact on students. The Aquarium Incubator Project is a collaborative countywide project involving K-12 teachers, students, the California Department of Fish and Game, the Siskiyou County Office of Education, local resource professionals from a variety of government agencies, private sector consultants, and community volunteers. Each January, the Aquarium Incubator Project provides a workshop for all new teachers. Every teacher must go through the workshop in order to be certified to raise trout or salmon in their classroom. 

    The specific purpose of the project is to educate students about the life cycles and habitat requirements of salmon and trout. The Aquarium Incubator Project promotes understanding of ecosystems and stewardship of critical natural resources. The Aquarium Incubator Project involves 30-60 classrooms each year in Siskiyou County.