• Educational Services Department Operating Principles

    1.   Significance, strategy, clarity – We will:

    • Focus on trends in education that are progressive (research-based, best practices)
    • Be clear on our focus, goals, learn and know what we need to know, measure and act on the results
    • Be service oriented – modeling best practices, providing the essential resource center for our educational community.

    2.   Quality, connectedness, clarity – We will:  remain current and well informed about best practices, processes and resources before incorporating them into our work or recommendations to districts. 

    3.  ResponsibilityWe will:

    • Make positive contributions to support the success of all students
    • Identify develop and share information and techniques that improve student learning
    • Regularly communicate key knowledge and learning to internal (SCOE personnel) and external (districts/those we serve) audiences
    • Assess our work and welcome direct and honest feedback so we can learn and grow

    4.   Passion creates – We will encourage:

    • The contagious enthusiasm that drives a collaborative, service-oriented team
    • The inspiration that builds team success
    • The need to continually evaluate, modify, and improve program quality

    5.  CommitmentWe will:

    • Participate as lifelong learners
    • Model best practices
    • Strive to be competent, consistent, and supportive to the Educational Services team and to our clients

    6.  Integrity, openness, modeling, ethics – We will:

    • Promote the perception of the COE as a model organization
    • Provide quality programs to those we serve regardless of budgetary constraints
    • Cultivate and maintain relationships with those we serve
    • Count on each other for support as a team

    7.  Purpose, goals – We will:

    • Commit to ongoing assessment, both formative and summative, to inform our work
    • Use results of assessments to guide our work
    • Modify our work as needed in order to meet the needs of our clients in order to live up to our mission

    8.    FlexibilityWe will:

    • Acknowledge the uniqueness of each district and strive to facilitate positive, collaborative relationships with all clients
    • Provide learning opportunities that support the unique educational needs of clients
    • Provide a diverse menu of services to provide an educational hub that is accessible to the entire community
    • Adapt educational programs to meet needs of special populations of students and strive to create sustainability for these programs
    • Hear and respect the expertise of our colleagues and encourage the sharing of their experiences at administrators meetings and other professional development