• Tobacco Use Prevention and Education (TUPE)

    The TUPE program provides a science based, research validated prevention program to grades 6-12.  TUPE services are coordinated by Anna Hanisko, MPH and include:

    • tobacco prevention education;
    • neuroscience of addiction education;
    • cessation and intervention;
    • tobacco peer education;
    • California Healthy Kids Survey;
    • tobacco free campus policies;
    • youth development activities and;
    • collaboration with other community agencies. 

    Tobacco use continues to be the leading cause of preventable death in America.  Over 90% of adult tobacco users began before the age of 18 and it is often the first risk behavior initiated by school-aged youth.  The link between tobacco use and other substance abuse, physical violence and low school engagement is well established, further emphasizing the importance of tobacco prevention in school-aged youth.  The ultimate goal of the TUPE program is to create the first generation of tobacco-free kids.


    TUPE Cessation/Intervention Referral Form – Tobacco and Marijuana