• Pesticide Usage

    The Healthy School Act of 2000 was signed into law in September 2000 and requires that all California school districts provide parents or guardians of students with annual written notification of expected pesticide use on school sites for the upcoming school year. The following list identifies the active ingredients or ingredients in each pesticide/herbicide/insecticide product used at the Siskiyou Early Childhood Education Center, 1 Child’s Way, Yreka, CA.

    Product Name                                   Active Ingredient(s)                    Reason for Use

    Roundup                                          Glyphosate                                Weed Control

    Wasp Freeze                                     Allethrin, Phenothrin                   Wasp Control

    Ant/Roach/Spider Killer                       Cyfluthrin                                  Insect Control


    Additional information on pesticides and their alternatives can be found at http://www.cdpr.ca.gov/. If you have questions please contact Leroy Shipley, Supervisor of Technology, Maintenance and Operations, 530-842-8420