• Siskiyou County School History

    This site contains county school history materials which were found in the basement of the old Siskiyou County, California, courthouse in 1989. The information dates back to the mid 1800s.

    The first materials to be digitized and made accessible on this site are the photographs and narrative histories used in Mr. Stanley J. Balfrey's book, "History of the Schools of Siskiyou County". Other photographs donated by former county school superintendents, local residents, and other interested parties are included as well. The school history excerpts from Balfrey’s book have been re-typed to increase legibility.

    For more historical Siskiyou County School information read "History of Siskiyou County, California", by  Harry L. Wells.

    Other Siskiyou County photographs are housed in Special Collections at the Merriam Library at California State University, Chico. Click on the Merriam link above to see historic images of Siskiyou County.